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Swiss wedding planner

Planning your own wedding is a beautiful and exciting period, but it could also be very exhausting and require a lot of commitment. Dedicate just five minutes of your time and write down anything that comes to your mind regarding “wedding planning”. You will quickly become aware that you should plan and oversee a myriad of details in order to plan the wedding according to your desires and ideas. Do you really have that much time to plan your wedding or would you rather have a professional Swiss wedding planner help you? Some of those details include wedding costs, wedding decorations, invitations, music, food and drinks, photographer and many more. There is a complete wedding checklist, which needs to be planned and organized for your perfect wedding in Switzerland.

Once you know you are getting married in Switzerland and you have decided to book a wedding planner, you will decide to what extent you want our commitment while planning your wedding. Whether you want a full wedding planning service, just a partial wedding planning or you only want us to run a security-check of the venues and other partners for your wedding day, our Swiss wedding planner team will ensure that your wedding organization and planning goes smoothly. We will personally follow you through your own dream wedding planning. With attention to detail and a particular sense of style, we turn your dreams and desires into reality so that your own personality is fully revealed on your wedding day. We are familiar with numerous locations in Switzerland and we have a wide network of professional and reliable partners all over Switzerland, that we check on a regular basis. Furthermore, we follow the latest trends in the world of weddings and we always have an abundance of new ideas. Whether your budget is low or high, we will plan your dream wedding along with you. Marrytale is particularly specialized for weddings in Switzerland and countries surrounding the Lake Constance region in Switzerland, Germany and Austria. We are looking forward to your wedding story at any other desired location! Marrytale wedding planning agency is located near Zurich, Switzerland and is the perfect choice for your unique wedding plans.

Why should you leave wedding planning to the professionals?


Wedding planners do the research, make phone calls and visit our partners until we meet all your needs. At the same time, from day one, we are at your service in order to free your time and organize your wedding without you having to stress about wedding ceremony, wedding checklist, registry, venue or administration.


As we are acquainted with the current wedding market prices and wedding costs, we know where you can save without losing on quality. Our goal is to get you the best value for your money, as we are always trying to negotiate the best prices with our partners.


What initially seems amazing eventually becomes stressful. A lot of details and unanticipated situations can emerge during the wedding planning stage. Relax and leave the stress to us!

However, these are only three among other reasons why you should leave wedding planning to an experienced wedding planner. We will gladly discuss further advantages in our introductory interview.

Introductory interview

Amongst our offers, we have the introductory interview during which we wish to present our way of wedding planning to you and above all, to meet and get to know you. We want to learn all the relevant facts about you in order to fully create an image about your ideas and desires for your wedding. Based on the information that we collect, we compose an offer that precisely meets your needs and desires. We do not work by any model and we don’t have any flat-rate wedding packages or wedding concepts. Our experience in wedding planning is very important in this stage of wedding organization because we can know in advance the advantages and obstacles one might encounter when organizing a wedding ceremony and party.

Full wedding planning service

You don’t have plenty of time, you want to save your nerves and money, and you don’t want to take any risks? In that case, we offer a Full wedding planning service! Whether you want it grand, luxurious, extravagant, or small, simple and classy, we plan your perfect wedding along with you. Tell us how much you would like or can engage in planning and we will organize the rest. Full wedding planning means that we will do everything for you, from wedding ideas, wedding themes, organization of all partners, ceremony and party venues…we will organize your dream wedding in Switzerland just the way you would.

Partial planning

You prefer planning by yourself or you are in the midst of preparations, but you occasionally need advice, suggestion or help? We will gladly guide you in this case, will look for the outstanding partners and accompany, consult and support you as long as you need us to. Partial planning can include any part of the wedding organization: finding a wedding venue, wedding photographer, florist or music…

Support on the wedding day

During the best day of your life, you should not worry about anything. We accompany you during your wedding day and ensure the coordination with partners and guests goes smoothly. Since we charge our support on your wedding day at a lower rate, you can choose how long you would like us to be there for you. In most cases, after cutting the wedding cake, we are no longer needed. Look forward to your big day and enjoy to the fullest with your family and friends.


You have already organized everything for your wedding but you still want a professional wedding planner to check it thoroughly one more time? In order for you not to forget anything important, we will gladly check everything you have planned, from A to Z, and create a guide and a wedding time schedule for your partners so that you can experience a hassle-free event. We charge our Security check service by an hourly rate.