A special location of a Swiss wedding is surely Lake Constance, also known as Bodensee, where you can choose out of many different locations for your dream wedding. Whether you opt to get married in Switzerland, in the province of wine, in Germany or in Austria, in one of many beautiful castles, together with you we will look for the location of your dreams and plan your wedding in the lake area. Our Wedding Planners will offer you an exclusive, complete planning of your wedding, guiding you through it personally so you could have your dream wedding at Lake Constance. With attention to detail and sense of style, we put your dreams and desires on the scene so that your own personality is fully revealed on your wedding day. Lake Constance is a special location for all newlyweds searching for a unique location to exchange their vows and make an unforgettable experience, not only for them, but also for all friends and family who will enjoy in this enchanting place with you. If you want to get married in a castle by the Lake Constance, you should definitely consider the Meersburg Castle with its amazing interior and exterior, perfect for a royal-styled wedding. The entire castle is beautifully designed, built and decorated and you will truly feel special if you decide to get married here on Lake Constance. Another beautiful and mesmerizing castle for a dream wedding on Lake Constance is castle Montfort. All these castles have beautiful locations, both for wedding ceremony and the wedding party, so if you want to get married on Lake Constance in the most romantic place, then these castles could be what you are looking for. For all those searching for a wedding ceremony somewhere in nature, Marrytale knows the best spots perfect for a romantic wedding surrounded by greenery. We also have some unique modern wedding locations on Lake Constance, directly on the lake, so if this is more your style, we can surely be of great help there too. One very special and beautiful wedding location at the Lake Constance is the island of Mainau. The island is connected to the mainland by a small bridge so you won’t have any trouble getting there. As we have mentioned before, when getting married on Lake Constance you can choose to get married on Swiss, German or Austrian side of the lake, and this small island is located in the German area. Besides the Teutonic castle and the church of St. Marien, the most unique feature of this small island is the vegetation: palm trees, tulips and different Mediterranean flowers inside and outside of the greenhouse, giving the island a completely different atmosphere during summer. What could be a better wedding destination than a small island with castle called The Flower island? If you have some other specific wishes for your wedding on Lake Constance and you want to get married in the canton of St.Gallen or Thurgau, Marrytale has its trusted partners in this entire region and we can offer you restaurants, wedding venues and hotels in this entire area. As always, our communication with you will help us be the perfect wedding planners and be able to organize your wedding on Lake Constance exactly as you wish, so simply give us your wishes and Marrytale will combine them all in a beautiful package, making your wedding day a dream come true. We are looking forward to your wedding at Lake Constance!

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