Small historical hotels, boutique hotels, historical buildings or 5-star hotels with gardens … these are all options for your wedding in Zadar! But the landscape is also great, so why not just arrange a tent wedding?

Although the choice of wedding locations is tempting, this couple preferred to celebrate their love in an extravagant and festively furnished wedding tent.
The ceremony took place on the large grounds of the Falkensteiner Hotel. This time in symbolic execution. The Swiss couple opted for a tent for the wedding celebration.

Tent weddings have been very popular in recent years. The great thing about it is that you can put up tents almost anywhere. Transparent tents, which guarantee a wonderful view of the surrounding nature, are particularly popular. From a logistical point of view, with good partners, it is hardly a big challenge to style a wedding as perfectly as possible. In addition, the catering company will do its part right next to the tent so that the food can also be served at the perfect temperature.

A wedding in a tent with a transparent roof, with a starry sky as decoration.

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