One of the most unique places on the Adriatic coast is by far the city of Opatija. Opatija is like no other town in Croatia, perfect for a luxurious and classic wedding. The first thing you’ll notice in Opatija is the distinguished architecture reflecting the 18th & 19th century style of rich bourgeoisie of Austria who had their summer homes in here.

Opatija is not only the perfect place to get married because of the unique architectural style of the buildings, but also because of the enchanting gardens surrounding these villas. Almost every hotel in city is a 5 star hotel with ballroom and crystal chandeliers, decorated with class and style, so if you decide to get married in Opatija you will be able to choose among some of the best wedding venues in Croatia. Opatija is located directly on the shore and has one of the most beautiful seaside promenades in Croatia, called Lungomare.

Most hotels and wedding venues are located directly on this promenade, offering you the perfect wedding photography scenery. Since all these hotels have their restaurants both inside and outside on the terraces and in gardens, Opatija is a safe choice for all wedding couples afraid of rain ruining their wedding day, since changes can usually be made on the wedding day itself. Opatija has excellent traffic connections with Europe so you surely won’t have any trouble reaching it from anywhere. Opatija is the place where Croatian tourism originated so you will have no trouble finding accommodation for all your wedding guests.

Some of the most romantic and most stylish weddings in Croatia are being organized here since its astonishing architecture is the best decor for any wedding photo. Opatija is a classical beauty and is, therefore, the most suitable wedding destination in Croatia for a traditional wedding from a fairytale. Marrytale will help you choose the best wedding venue in Opatija, make sure it reflects your style and is the perfect place for your dream wedding in Croatia.

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