Istria is a top choice for destination weddings in Croatia, partly because it has Italian charm and is very easy to reach from European countries. While entire Istria is perfect for romantic weddings, its west part and especially the towns of Novigrad and Savudrija are very popular for weddings in Croatia.

Istria is known for amazing, modern, and beautiful seaside resorts that are luxurious, large, and private. If you dream of getting married on a beach by the sea, then a wedding in Istria is your first choice. Istria is known as a land of luxury and class, and there is no better place to get married in Savudrija and Novigrad, than in one of its most modern and stylish resorts.

The absolute number one place to get married in Savudrija is the Kempinski resort, which is one of the top resorts in entire Croatia. If you’re looking for a high-quality accommodation and wedding venue, then you should consider Golf Adriatic and its green fields directly by the sea. Golf Adriatic has an exclusive restaurant with a 300 degrees sea view from its terrace, making you feel as if you were on a boat. If you want to have a church wedding it can also be organized in the resort, since the resort offers you its small church for your church wedding in Savudrija.

The town of Novigrad offers you other resorts and beach wedding venues if you decide to have your wedding there, and the most popular resort is Laguna. Novigrad has many beautiful seaside restaurants perfect for your wedding day, with rich menus and terraces by the sea. Other towns in the region, like Umag or Porec, have similar wedding opportunities for church weddings, civil ceremonies or open-air weddings. All these towns have a rich history, amazing food and wine and a warm climate, so you can plan your wedding day any time of the year.

But, as always, summer is the most popular wedding season. You can always choose to get married in one of the beautiful old or new villas all over Istria. You just set the tone of your wedding and Marrytale will find the best of all for you and your wedding day.

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