One of the most popular islands in the central Dalmatia archipelago, both for vacation and a wedding is the island of Brac. Brac is located just opposite of Split and has a regular daily ferry line making it approachable all day long. Brac is one of the most popular Croatian islands and is home to the most famous beach on the Adriatic – The Golden cape in the town of Bol, one of the symbols of Croatia. Besides Bol, other towns to be considered for your wedding are Supetar, Mirca, Postira, Milna, Sutivan and Nerezisca. All these towns are small, picturesque, charming and romantic with small, old churches where you can have your church wedding. Also you can have your wedding ceremony and party in one of many vineyards and olive gardens across the island. On Brac there are many historic and modern villas where you can have an open-air wedding or just your wedding party. Brac offers you a romantic, Mediterranean atmosphere for your wedding ceremony if you are looking for something simple, or you can have your luxurious wedding party in 5 star resorts on the beach in some of the most popular Croatian beach clubs. The island even has its own airport if you have guests arriving by private jets, or you can have a direct boat transfer from Split airport to any town on Brac.

Brac is the home to the most famous olive oil in Croatia and has some of the most spectacular olive gardens where you can also get married. The accommodation can be found anywhere since it is a famous vacation destination in Croatia. The south and north part of the island are quite different so even on Brac you can experience different types of holidays and weddings. Since Brac is famous for the marble produced on the island and most churches were built of it, your authentic Brac wedding would be photo perfect. Marrytale will help you get the best offers for your island wedding no matter the type, style or budget. Just give us some tips and your destination wedding is on its way.

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