Most wedding couples dream of destination weddings in a Provence or Tuscany style, somewhere beautiful, sunny and relaxed. What if we tell you you can organize that kind of a wedding in Croatia, but with better prices (and on probably even better locations)? Wedding in Istria is the perfect wedding destination choice if this is the atmosphere you want to create. Long before tourists discovered the region of Dalmatia and Croatia’s south coast, the region of Istria was flying high on its popularity and beauty.

This was partially to its proximity to Italy and the spoken Italian language in Istria, but also due to its charm and beauty, perfect for romantic weddings in Croatia. Some of the most popular Istrian wedding venues are so-called “stanzias”, huge private properties in the heart of Istria. They can be found all over Istria and the wedding couple can choose among the most amazing villas in vineyards.

But if you want to get married in Istria somewhere by the sea, the city of Rovinj would be one of the most amazing choices. The city of Rovinj is located directly by the sea, and its center is rising from the sea on a small peninsula. The look of the city, the color of the houses, the serene beauty of Rovinj will at first make you feel as if you were in Positano or Venice. But Rovinj has its unique beauty and charms. The entire region of Istria is full of 5 star hotels and resorts where you can have your wedding party or even the wedding ceremony.

The most popular church wedding place to get married in Rovinj is the church of St. Euphemia on the top of the hill in the center of Rovinj. If you want to get married in a beautiful castle and resort, the Crveni (Red) island, just opposite of the city Rovinj, also known as St.Andrija will be the perfect choice. We won’t give you all the secrets of wedding planning in Rovinj away, so you should really come and see it for yourself, or allow Marrytale to plan your wedding in Rovinj with the charm and decor of your choosing.

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