The city of Zadar is located in the north part of the region of Dalmatia but in the middle of the Adriatic coast, thus benefitting entirely from the amazing climate and traffic connections. Zadar is a well known and very popular wedding destination with amazing cultural beauty and historical heritage. Choosing a place to get married in Croatia can be a bit difficult, since you have so many options for a wedding destination in Croatia. But if you decide to get married in here, you will surely enjoy every second of your wedding day. When it comes to wedding venues, Zadar has so much to offer that we will definitely leave something out, no matter how hard we try to name them all. Some of the most beautiful churches for church weddings are located in Zadar, and the most beautiful church is St.Stosija in the heart of the city.

Besides churches, Zadar has several beautiful squares, city gardens and magical places like Sea Organ where you can exchange your vows. Small heritage hotels, boutique hotels, historic but renovated buildings like Arsenal, or 5 star hotels with gardens descending into the sea… All these wedding venues will take your breath away. Zadar is also known as the city with the most beautiful sunset in Croatia, with sun going down over the islands. Besides Zadar, there are several towns nearby where you can get married in green vineyards overlooking the sea, or posh marinas.

If you want to get married on an island nearby but don’t want to take a ferry, then the islands of Vir and Pag are perfect for you since they are connected to the mainland by a bridge. Each island has its own charm so choosing either for your wedding would be a great choice. Pag is especially known for its endless olive gardens and unique appearance. Zadar and the entire region of Zadar are known for a mild Mediterranean climate, so you can get married in Zadar from spring to fall with a big chance of sunny weather.

If you decide to get married in Zadar, you will reach the airport easily and fly your guests in from many international airports. Since this city is so proud of its maritime history and culture, your wedding in Zadar could also include a boat ride to the wedding venue, which would surely be a huge surprise to your friends and family. In Zadar you have so many options regarding where to get married and how, so leave it up to Marrytale to plan your wedding just the way you would yourself.

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