Full Wedding planning service

Hochzeit Solta

If you want a professional wedding planning team to organize your wedding completely and be by your side each step of the wedding organization process, then Marrytale is your perfect choice. In that case, we offer a Full wedding planning service in all Croatian destinations and wedding venues!

Whether you want it grand, luxurious, extravagant, or small, simple and classy, we plan your perfect wedding along with you. Tell us how much you would like or can engage in the planning process and we will organize the rest. We will be by your side from the first interview until the very end of the wedding. We will do all the research for you – from the suitable location anywhere in Croatia to music and everything else needed for this day to be perfect. We will also help you make the right choices. We want to get the most out of your wedding budget and fulfill all your desires.

Full wedding planning range of services

  • Develop, manage and update the budget
  • Develop detailed plan of the wedding as a guide for all the partners involved
  • Develop and execute a customized wedding concept based on your desires and our ideas
  • Develop and execute customized decoration concept based on your desires and our ideas
  • Recommend and coordinate the entire concept regarding the printing materials and guest gift bags
  • Proposals for three to four wedding locations, verify availability, look for the best offers and temporary bookings
  • Two to three proposals, verify availability, revision of offers and agreement with preferred partners (invitations, photographer, flowers etc.)
  • Arrangement of your guests’ requests
  • Contact and assist your guests in all necessary aspects (arrival, accommodation, babysitting etc.)
  • Contact of all the partners during the planning period
  • Continuous coordination during the planning period through multiple communication with the bride and groom

Other services and individual services can be seen in “Partial planning”

We charge our Full wedding planning service by an hourly rate. You will receive our offer adjusted to your needs and desires. Generally, the expenses for wedding planning amount to 10 – 15 % of your entire wedding budget.