The region of Istria is one of the most popular wedding destinations for everyone searching for the perfect place to get married in Croatia. But the first thing you have to do is decide where do you want to get married in Istria. Among so many enchanting towns and villages for a Croatian wedding, Pula stands out with its amazing beauty and history. Imagine getting married in a city with a huge Roman colosseum, a city with ancient temples and churches, and so close to the sea. Many amazing wedding locations are located in the part called Verudela. One of the most popular wedding venues in Pula is the so-called “Holy Rock”, a historical monument over a cliff by the sea.

There is a legend that says that there used to be a church in its place, and today many couples decide to get married here, because it is not only beautiful but gives you excellent wedding photo opportunities. The perfect backdrop for a wedding photo would be the only remaining wall of the church with sunset descending into the sea. Since Pula is directly by the sea you can have your wedding on the beach as well, and then party in some of the best restaurants and hotels in Croatia, somewhere under the stars.

If you’re looking for an unusual place to get married outside of Pula, you will find one of the most amazing wedding venues in a lighthouse by the sea. Near Pula there is also a beautiful small island of Levan, perfect for romantic weddings in Istria. You can also decide to get married in one of the famous “stanzias”, villas outside of the city of Pula on private properties, surrounded by olive gardens and vineyards.

The food in Istria is amazing, starting with the most popular Istrian food- truffles, so your wedding menu would be perfect. One of the popular locations both for the wedding ceremony and the party is Belaj castle, authentic and majestic place which will take your breath away. If you want to have a church wedding in Pula, then there is no better place than the cathedral of St.Toma in the center of Pula. Another beautiful church in Pula for a traditional wedding is the church of Our Lady of the Sea.

There are also other small villages and towns near Pula that you would love if you imagine your wedding in Istria to be as if you were getting married in Tuscany. Marrytale will show you unimaginable beauties hidden in Pula & Istria, so look no further and have your heart set on marrying in Pula.

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