Wedding cake & candy bar

Hochzeit Solta

The moment of cutting the cake is the moment everyone impatiently awaits. Maybe even the mere presentation of the superb masterpiece is what creates pleasure amongst guests. Concerning the look of your cake, imagination and possibilities are limitless. Single-layered or multi-layered, colourful or simple, with decorative details or not, it would almost be a shame to eat. Our proposed Croatian pastry shops follow all of the latest wedding cake trends.

They come in a myriad of different flavours so that the mere thought of the cake entices your taste buds.

One modern trend is competing with the traditional wedding cake. Candy bar – tempting, playful, different, romantic and simply endlessly sweet – an alternative to the wedding cake and a festival of colours that many guests today prefer rather than the wedding cake.

But one thing is clear: wedding cakes or sweets from the candy bar will sweeten the life of your guests, and will not only visually impress your guests but their taste buds as well!

We test individual products of each carefully selected pastry chef. We would like to offer you only the top partners that can also prepare products suitable for people with food allergies. Our partners are located in Croatia and we can organize a tasting of the cake as a part of our wedding planning services.